My Castle Keep

Combination of Scott’s Daily Prompts, listed at end of poem ~

You are my castle keep

High above dark impassioned

Waters, exquisite bay wind-stirred

Beyond which, we remain secured

By formidable cragged barrier

Decades, now, not breached by man…

Yet far within echoing walls, deeper

Behind painted screenesteemed

Artist’s last work, which dwindling

Coffers could bare afford—we spend

Our days and final riches of estate

My heart, entire, has ever been yours

Rapt, I listen, hours trickling crystalline

Through glass globes, as you regale

Me with poetry, mythology, ancient tale

Till you gaze at me, then sudden, weep 

And, to lace-gowned breast, I clasp you near…

How could I love you more? fingers trace

Planes of your face, perfect lips I adore

Feelings I cannot full express—my hunger

Liabilityfearing you desire me less

Since strength has waned; for, dusk draws

Drape upon your life, Time never endless…

You’d leave me grieved, let sorrow press

Me over cliffs—but I beg kiss, whisper rest

And sealed, entombed, we’ll lie together

In this, our strange unhaunted Forever.

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.