Vigil Hours


Vigilant Father keeps eye on child, His cherished

Investment ~ leads, accompanies, follows close where I

Go ~ watches over each waking moment; attends me

In sleep ~ speaking rest, favor, His plans, and peace

Lest mind be overrun by stealthy fears, doubt that creeps


He holds my heart with Sovereign hands intertwined

Owns my soul by Covenant…nothing, none can separate

Us ~ God embraces orphans; weds the unwanted, neglected

Rejected…nurtures with love, creates new home; destiny

Secured against enemy who seeks to unravel, undermine

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

Faith’s Crucible

100 Word Wednesday: Week 99

Image by Andre Hunter

He knew in marrow

Believes in heart: Jesus Saves

Had knelt at altar, laid all

Before Cross, surrendered

To Sovereign Lord his Past

Present hopes, Future days

Some friends split, worldly crew

But he gained a better few

Amped, he was living life abundant

Savior, Shepherd beside, to guide

Everything was going great

Until his brother was felled by Hate

Couldn’t be—was Jesus late?

Begging another Lazarus deal…

Grief, betrayal, unconcealed.

Jesus’ voice: “Trust me, son, in

Faith’s crucible…I was here on scene

Felt Death’s sting.  Watch Me bring

Vindication, redeem what’s stolen…

Trust Me, in the waiting”.

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.