The Grace View


Barely credible

Incongruous “masterpiece”

I’m a mess/God’s view

Every person He fashions

Love’s work of art, seen through Grace

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

Fumbled Overture


Fumbled overture

Some days, best to keep lips zipped

Falling on face, knees

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

Unsounded Depth (#writephoto)

Thursday photo prompt: Beneath #writephoto

Beneath stilled surface

False reflection, placid heart

What furies, chaos

Battle within unseen realm

Grueling season, soul’s unrest…

Yet unsounded depth

May reveal new hope in time

Faith sits on bank, waits

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

Caution: Seasonal Sensitivity

In Other Words, seasonal…

Image: Rene’s Hedgehog Pillow

‘Tis season to mask

Crankiness, disguise with grace

Wear joy cautiously

Hope stretched, faith stressed…safety pinned

Mend unraveled gratitude

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

Savage Coterie


Family coterie

Crueler than any other

Soft underbelly’s

Well known to them, their teeth tear

Deep, chew heart’s tenderest flesh

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

The Meeting Place

What do you See? Dec/11/2018

It’s where we meet every Christmas season

Regardless of weather or circumstances

No matter what…our gift to each other.

We met on the bus, struck up friendship

We were young, and neither had a phone

But that red telephone booth made for

A can’t-miss meeting place.

When you moved away we wrote letters

Through time and tides, our holiday visit

Was something grand to look forward to…

When your parents passed away, then your wife…

When I got divorced…and couldn’t keep a job.

You became a huge success, yet you call me

Your champion…a loyal friend is priceless.

It’s snowing like crazy this year, hope you’ll

Make it—I’ve baked your favorites… Inside the

Red phone booth, I move chilly feet, waiting.

A luxury car pulls up…you, hurrying toward me.

A hug, kisses on cheeks, and you grab my bag of

Goodies in one hand, my arm in the other, usher

Me to warmth of your new sedan.

At the pizza shop, you extend shiny-wrapped box

I open it, laugh with joy, “Perfect, a telephone!”

Not just a phone, you tell me, it has all the latest

Tech-y upgrades… “I’ll never learn”, I say, blushing.

“Instructions are on the back”…you wear a shy smile.

Turning it over, I read note:  “They’re taking out the

Quaint telephone booths, including our meeting spot…

But I have a plan—Will You Marry Me?”

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

Where Am I Going?

Three Line Tales, Week 150

photo by Jan Genge via Unsplash

“Yeah, you drive past the Quick-Mart, past the Ford dealership, and you’ll see those great big tall curved blue-green things—turn right in there, go straight back and you’ll see it.”

“Well…same color as your new garage door, real tall and curving…yep, turn RIGHT.”

“You don’t know where the Quick-Mart is?  Well, go all the way to the hospital, then turn around and when you see the old bank that’s now a McDonald’s—it’s across the street.”

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

Cleaning Lady’s Kindness

Prompt:  KIND


Mrs Knoll came once a week, was paid to clean our house.

She was a middle-aged Scandinavian woman, built thick, sturdy.

Her face smiled as she did her work without conversation.

I was young, but soon I’d replace her—do all her chores, for free.

One Saturday, mother was gone on an errand as Mrs Knoll busily scrubbed, dusted, vacuumed…

And when my brother taunted me, Mrs Knoll’s rough cracked hands—soothing balm of comfort more maternal, kinder than I’d ever known—wiped my tears.

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.


Twittering Tale #114 – 11 December 2018

It has to be here, Grandpa’s been talking

About it for years, he wouldn’t lie

Hold the flashlight, I’ll dig

‘What if we dig too far and the tree

Falls down?  If we create a

Catastrophe, Grandma will kill us’

No risk, no treasure, Bro

‘Grandma’s coming!’

BOYS! there’s a skunk in there!

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.


Vigil Hours


Vigilant Father keeps eye on child, His cherished

Investment ~ leads, accompanies, follows close where I

Go ~ watches over each waking moment; attends me

In sleep ~ speaking rest, favor, His plans, and peace

Lest mind be overrun by stealthy fears, doubt that creeps


He holds my heart with Sovereign hands intertwined

Owns my soul by Covenant…nothing, none can separate

Us ~ God embraces orphans; weds the unwanted, neglected

Rejected…nurtures with love, creates new home; destiny

Secured against enemy who seeks to unravel, undermine

©VIGIL HOURS & Rene Hearthchild, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.